Thailand Amulets 泰国佛牌

Rian Luang Por Kasem Khaemago 2514 BE

LP Kasem Coin made in 2514 BE - rare and in mint condition (unused)

Luang Por Kasem Khaemago, of Samnak Su Saan Dtrai Laks, Lampang.

Top Gaeji Ajarn famous for Ittirit magical powers and great purity of Practice (hence the title of Gaeji Ajarn) Magic Monk of the Lanna Tradition whose dhamma practice and renunciation is worthy of great reverence. His amulets are full of Puttanupaap (Buddha power of protection and fortune), because of the purity of this monk's practice. His meditative power and clarity of concentration used in blessing the amulets is that of an Adept practitioner. LP Kasem is one of the few Master Monks whose power and sacredness is legendary on a Historical level, but whose amulets are still affordable compared to some other amulets of other top Gaeji Ajarn. His amulets have become very popular with Thai people since many Devotees who wore LP Kasem's amulets have turned up telling stories of great luck in commerce, love, as well as tales of miraculous escapes from fatal accidents, and lethal attacks from enemies.

This is one of the early editions of amulets made by LP kasem and is valued by collectors and "Sian Pra" in the professional amulet collector circles as yet another great amulet worth collecting and making Bucha to for recieving the blessings of Metta, Kong Grapan, Choke Laap, Maha Sanaeh and Klaew Klaad that Luang Por Kasem's great purity endows the amulet with when he blesses them.

This coin amulet is rare - only one in stock

Luang Por Kasem Khemago (Lampang) 2514 B.E.
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