Thailand Amulets 泰国佛牌

Ruesi Chiwok Gomarapat - Thai Buddhist Healing amulet

Boroma Kroo Phu Ruesi Chiwok Gomarapat 'Rokapinaas' edition Ruesi amulet with Pong Puttakun and wood from the roof of the Uposadha shrine room at Wat Rakang Kositaram mixed into the sacred powder.

It also has Rae Gaayasit mineral relics sprinkled over the rear face. This amulet is rare in the sense that you don't see many Thai Buddhist amulets that are specifically designed to prevent illness and also to heal illness.

Ruesi Phu Chiwok was the Personal Physician of the Lord Buddha Sakyamuni, and is the Kroo of all massage and healing practitioners, as well as those Ruesi who are involved in herbal healing, reiki, ayurveda and the like.

Above; Muan Sarn - Wooden struts from the roof of Wat Rakang (Chor Fa Wat Rakang), Pong Puttakun, Pong Ya Wasana Jinda Manee.

There are three kinds (and three different prices) made from various sacred powder mixture. The main mixture is made first using wood from the Wat Rakang Shrine room roof struts and sacred powders. Then each amulet is made using the base mixture to mix with other ingredient. This one has extra Pong Puttakun mixed in.
Kata for Bucha Chiwok amulet;
Bpagaa Sesi Wantaami Bandidto Sumetaso Arokaa Sumanaa Homi
Comes without case in original box from temple
Boroma Kroo Phu Ruesi Chiwok Gomarapat 'Rokapinaas' Nuea Pong Puttakun - Healing amulet