Thailand Amulets 泰国佛牌

Hnaa Pran Manorah Bandan Bun (Gammagarn) Metta Oil soaked

These extra special release Gammagarn edition hand carved wooden amulets are definitely one of this years most important new releases. These rarely seen Manorah Mask amulets made from Mai Chum Saeng Holy Tree are just one of various types of hand carved wooden amulets made from an extremely rare Mai Chum Saeng Tree inhabited by a Deva. Many Masters have added their personal and individual empowerments as well as all together in a Major Puttapisek ceremony. 8 separate empowerments were given in all. Included in the li8st were famous Masters Ajarn prasut (Wat Nai Tao), Por Tan Khiaw (Wat Huay Ngo), Por Tan Prohm (Wat palanupap), and many other great Masters of the Southern Khao Or tradition. Very suitable for both Men and Ladies to use as a Business helper and attraction Charm.

Only 349 of these Sacred Holy tree Magic Masks were made in the Gammagarn edition only.
The amulets have sacred powders for attraction and business improvement, with ancient Southern Budha Magic of the Manorah tradition empowering it with powerful Wicha. This item is particularly powerful as a business and professional success tool. Manorah Arts are theatrical dance and musical arts which have walked hand in hand with the Southern Magical Tradition as if born together. The Manorah Artists believe in the use of the Manorah mask as not only a Theatrical tool, but also as a Sacred and Magical tool. This is the top range issue of a series of amulets in the 'Run Api Maha Choke Mongkol Chum Saeng' edition, which is the result of the miraculous finding of a very rare Holy tree with the spirit of a deva residing within it, and the substequent use for the making of this powerful, rare and very very Sacred edition of special Gammagarn amulets.
Hnaa Pran Manorah (magic mask amulet)
The 'Apimahachoke Mongkol Chumsaeng' 2554 edition, is composed of the Hnaa Pran Manorah Masks along with the long awaited hand carved Palad Khik Maha Saneh, and Pra Pid Ta Maha Laap Gon Ud Pong Fang Ploi Daeng (with sacred powder and enchanted ruby insert), Look Om Rak Klang Klai (round Look Om Pellet made from powerful magical powders and resins), and the enchanted oil 'Nam Man Boroma Kroo Maha Sanaeh'.
Por Tan Khiaw amulets 2554 BE
All of the amulets which are made of wood are hand carved, inscribed with sacred spells and from the wood of an extremely rare holy tree which was found in a very auspicious set of circumstances, indicating riches power and Maha Sanaeh magic in concentrated form.
Nam Man Boroma Kroo Metta Above; Nam Man Boroma Kroo Metta

This tree was visited by the Masters and the inhabiting Deva was invited to donate its wooden house to become amulets to preserve Buddhism and to protect and ease the sufferings of living beings on Earth. Then a special cutting ceremony was performed, and the wood was taken, given further incantations and invocations, and then carved into the form of the Manorah Masks, Pid Ta, and Palad Khik amulets.
Palad Khik Maha Sanaeh - Por Tan Khiaw
Over 54 sacred herbs and ingredients were used for adding to the sacred oil of Nam Man Boroma Kroo Maha sanaeh. This oil, apart from being available as an individual charm oil, was also the base charging ingredient used in the blessing and empowerment of the wooden amulets, which were boiled in the oil as Luang Por Khiaw performed his Prana and Jhana empowerment of the wooden amulets.

This limited Gammagarn release of special amulets is a one off never to be repeated occasion, due to the fact that this is the first time that such a tree in such an auspicious set of circumstances has occurred in living memory, and thus is not likely that we will have the luck to encounter another source of this extremely magical and powerful wood with such a great and meritorious Deva inhabiting it.
Apimahachoke Mongkol Chum Saen edition amulets - LP Khiaw

For Thai people, just the fact that thie amulets are made from this wood, and where it was found under which circumstance, makes it instantly recognizable as a powerful sacred amulet. Itis rare to find such an original edition of extremely powerful Buddha amulets these days, with the many powerful occult and shamanistic charms being released from the Laymaster sector, which, with less rules of Morality restricting them, can make very powerful love charms and money attractors. But in the end, the true supernatural and total power is duly that of the Buddha, because he attained the most difficult mental attainment possible, and thus completed the one and only true completely supernatural task of Omniscient enlightenment.
Pra Pid Ta Maha Laap - Nuea Mai Chum Saeng Above; Pra Pid Ta Maha Laap - Nuea Mai Chum Saeng Ud Pong Fang Ploi Daeng
For this reason, those who are true and purely Buddhist, but seek a truly powerful amulet with no occult influences, and only Thai Buddha magic, can look to this range of amulets as a veritable reference example of what a powerful and auspicious Buddhist amulet can be.
This amulet enters into our 'Masterpiece amulets' category with ease, and is already being considered a classic by the Public in its own right, in the same month it was issued (August 22, 2011).
Nam Man Wan with amulets being boiled in the potion
The amulets recieved empowerments on eight different occasions (!!!)
5th April 2554 at Wat Palanupap (Pattani), a singular empowerment was given by Por Tan Prohm

7th April 2554 - Por Tan Khiaw of Wat Huay Ngo (Pattani) gave an individual empowerment at Wat Sai Khaw (Pattani)
8th Apri 2554 - Luang Por Prasut gave his powerful incantations and empowerments to the amulets at Wat Nai Tao temple in Trang. This was on a magical day (Angkarn Gao day)
12th April 2554 a Major Puttapisek Ceremony was performed at Wat Chang Hai, with a host of the most famous and revered older monks of the Southern Thai Magical Tradition present, presided over by Por Tan Khiaw of Wat Huay Ngo.
16th of April - the ceremony for boiling the potion of Nam Man Boroma Kroo Maha Sanaeh and charging of the wooden amulets in Oil plus a special empowerment from Por Tan Khiaw (Luang Por Khiaw), as the potion was boiled. This was held at Wat Sri Maha Po
23rd April 2554 - Por Tan Khiaw makes another individual empowerment with incantations at Wat Huay Ngo in Pattani on a Sao Ha day.

5th May 2554 (Wai Kroo day /Master day) at Wat HUay Ngo - Por Tan Khiaw perfomred another solo empowerment in the presence of the Looksit.
The last empowerment was made alone in privacy within the Kuti hut of Luang Por Khiaw at Wat Huay Ngo, by immersing all of the amulets in the Nam Man Boroma Kroo Metta Udom Choke Pokasap charm oil which had already been made and empowered on the 16th April at Wat Sri Maha Po, and performing incantations, Jhanic empowerments and invocations to awaken the powers with the amulets.

Nam Man Boroma Kroo Metta Maha Choke Mongkol Chum Saeng
Over 54 ingredients were used in the making of the immensely powerful and concentrated Nam Man Boroma Kroo metta Udom Choke Pokasap;
Nam Man Nai Nang Peng, Nam Man Nai Nang Khun,Nam Man Norah In Gaew, Nam Man Norah Dtem, Nam Man Look Ga, Nam Man Dtuhan (coconut oil of a solitary coconut tree with one single coconut fruit facing the west), Nam Man Dork Tan Dtawan, Pong Na Hnaa Tong, Pong Phuug Kon Norah Loi, Pong Ittijae Maha Jamnian Wat Tong Pleng, Khee Pheung Prasob Naedtr, Khee Pheung Dee 108, Wan 108, Ga Fak 108, Khee Pheung Khao Pansa Wan Raek 7 Wat, Wan Dork Tong, Wan Bpraab Tweep, Wan Chang Pasom Khlong, Wan Hork Pra Narai, Wan saeng Aatidt, Wan Nok Kum, Wan Ganpai, Wan Nang Ram, Wan Nang Kum, Wan Jantr daeng, Wan Jantr Khiaw, Wan Nang Kruan, Wan Sau Hlong, Wan Kruea Khao Hlong, Nam Man Suea of Ajarn Ban (Khao Or), Hua Chuea Nam Man Jone Hlong Ta (special from LP Khiaw), Nam Man Sek Luang Phu Chai, Gala Ta Diaw (one eyed coconut), Mai Yord Fa Pha, Gaen Mueay, Gaen Makham, Mai Sangaraniy, Galaa Mai Mee Ta (no eyed coconut), Pong Bpaeng Phad Hnaa Norah (white face poder from famous Ajarns of the Manorah Arts collected over years by Ajarn Prasut of Wat Nai Tao), Pong Prai Kumarn Khem Khon Luang Phu Tim (thick conentrated Prai Kuman powders from the famous maker of such; Luang Phu Tim of Wat Laharn Rai), Pong Bpatamang powder from Luang Phu Mui (Wat Pah Prakam Nuea), Pong Kroo Ba Wang (wat Ban Daen), Pong Maha Sanaeh (Ajarn Plaek!!), Pong Luang Por Dam (Wat Duyong), Pong Ajarn Khiaw (Wat Rawae, Korat), Wan Nang Paya Pom Horm, Pong Pid Ta Luang Por Gaew (Wat Kruea Wan), Mai Ngiw Dam sacred wiid, Pong Nam Man Metta Wat Khao Or, Mai Gai Gug, Mai Hyae Yae, Nam Man Chang Dtok Man, Nam Dta Pla Payoon.
Every single one of these ingredients are famous in their own right for their magical power, but some of them stand out very much from the others due to their incredible rarity and difficulty to obtain, as well as for their immensely powerful magical effects; The Pong Pid Ta Luang Por Gaew, is powder used for LP Gaews famous Pra Pid Ta amulets of Wat Kruea Wan. The Nam Ta Pla Payoon (Dugong Tears), are considered by Southern Thais as one of the most powerful love and attraction charms possible to obtain. The Pong Prai Kuman powders from Luang Phu Tim of Wat Laharn Rai are famous even on Foreign shores, and are the most sought out ingredient in a Pra Khun Phaen amulet to this day because of the power of LP Tims sacred powder. The other powders  of Ajarn Plaek and LP Mui combine to show how simply these handful of sacred ingredients are already more impressive than most other potions. After recognizing this fact, we can then continue to astound ourselves with the rest of the 45 sacred herbs powders and oils included in this most extravagant potion.

Hnaa Pran Manorah Bandan Bun (Gammagarn) Metta Oil soaked - Maha Choke Pokasap - Nuea Mai Chum Saeng 8 empowerment ceremonies from LP Khiaw and many Great Masters!