Thailand Amulets 泰国佛牌

Hanuman statuette

Hanuman amulet statuette (statuettes are called "Loi Ongk" in Thai) for rent (only one in stock in the moment)

Front Side

Back side

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Price - $SG100

Here is another kind of hanuman amulet which i have placed for rental on my Buddist Amulets blog, on which i not only rent amulets, but also publish the mantras for chanting to your amulets, and various realated topics of interest, such as the making methods of amulets, how to recognize if amulets are authentic or not, the mixtures used to create them.... and much more subjects as i continue to publish - click here to visit Buddhist Amulets blog
Hanuman and Suwannamajchaa statuette

Hanuman and Suwannamajchaa - Rear side