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Pra Upakut Udom Sap amulet for great Wealthiness Kroo Ba Aryachat - Wat Saeng Gaew Potiyan

Pra Upakut Udom Sap amulet for great Wealthiness Kroo Ba Aryachat - Wat Saeng Gaew Potiyan - Nirosagam Ceremony 2552

Made by Kroo Ba Aryachat, of Wat Saeng Potiyan, Chiang Rai. Kroo Ba Aryachat is a very famous Master Guru Monk who is renowned for his 'Awk Nirosagam' practice of entering into a sealed small space and remaining in there in Meditation for long periods of time.

Pra Upakut was an Arahant who the Buddha praised for his great magical powers, and who was said by the Lord Buddha to be the most powerful of all the Arahants. Before the Buddha entered Nirvana, he asked Pra Upakut to remain alive until the coming of Pra Arya Sri Maedtrai (Maitreya), and protect the Buddha Sasana and the teachings of the Dhamma. It is believed by Thai Buddhists, that he is still alive to this day, and resides in the middle of the Great Ocean, with a Lotus leaf on his head, and remain alive throughout the Aeons to rise to the assistance of the Dhamma whenever needed, and to help Sentient Beings.

These Pra Upakut amulets were blessed by Kroo Ba Aryachat as he entered the Meditative state of Nirosagam (Nirodha - a state which can empower amulets with immense Metta and Power of the Boddhisattvas). Kroo Ba Aryachat has recieved training in Meditation and various Wicha from some of Thailands greatest Master Monks, and has been learning from them since a very young age. He is now although still not old, already an accomplished Guru Monk, whose intense, almost Vajrayana-Like practice empowers his amulets with immense Puttakun Power, able to transform the inuaspicious to auspicious and turn bad luck into good.

This amulet is a 'Dtua Jiw' and is a perfect Sacred item of Worship for a Lady or Children. Apart from its sacredness and Magical aspect, it is also indeed a very beautiful piece of Buddhist Miniature Art, in Classic style.

Pra Upakut Udom Sap - Nuea Wan Smug Kluk Rak - Kroo Ba Ariyachat
The magical qualities given to Pra Upakut are manyfold; Klaew Klaad, Kong Grapan, Choke Laap, Pokasap (meaning great wealth and possessions - this particular edition is especially intended for Pokasap more than the other qualities), and 'Gae Aathan' (wipe out black magic).
Above; Kroo Ba Ariachat prepares to enter Nirosagam for the 8th consecutive time.

Kroo Ba Srivichai, Kroo Ba Chum, Kroo Ba Phad, Kroo Ba Noi, Kroo Ba Bun Chum, Kroo Ba Duang Dee, Kroo Ba Por Dabos, Kroo Ba Jantr Gaew, Kroo Ba Dtan, Kroo Ba Indta, Kroo Ba Tueang, Tan Jao Khun Tongchai, and Kroo Ba Chaiyawongsa.

You can see a video of Kroo Ba Ariachat entering the eight Nirosagam ceremony below on 9th January 2552. He stays in the sealed space for 7 days, and consumes only water. After this, he came out and headed a ceremony for people to donate dry foods for hims to raise funds to help local poor Folk of the area and to improve conditions for the soldiers and police of the three border provinces of North Thailand.

Above, Kroo Ba Ariachat with his Teacher Kroo Ba Jantr Dtip, as he was still a Samanera

Above; Kroo Ba Ariachat as he was still a Samanera of 17 years of age - he was already advancing to the level of Mastery in meditation and various Wicha even at this age.
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