Thailand Amulets 泰国佛牌

Kali and Shiva Lingam Amulet for attracting lovers and good business

Sadej Mae Yua Mueang - 'Pim Lek' (small size; 3 x 5.5 cm Pim Lek small edition, and 4 x 5 cm Pim Yai large edition) - made by Ajarn Hmom Niranam Traibhumi (purple edition) - This amulet by Cult Guru Master Sorceror Ajarn Hmom Niranam Traibhumi, is an extremely potent and powerful Maha Sanaeh attraction charm, with extremely concentrated magic and magical ingredients for sexual attraction to the other sex (or same sex), Choke Lap (luck and fortune), Kaa Khaay (good business sales and lots of customers and profits), Kum Krong (protect from danger). The Kali Lingam Symbiotic Deity amulet is becoming both extremely heard about, popular and rare to acquire, due to a large amount of extremely noticeable effects coming from devotees who have rented and made Bucha to these amulets.

Ajarn Hmom is not a name that is heard of on the common popular amulet circuits, but in fact he is known by those in the know as a kind of trade secret, that this Master with incredible psychic powers and magic Wicha knows how to make truly powerful and really effective love charms and riches amulets. This master is becoming reminiscent of the great Ajarn Chum Chay Kiree, whose powers were undoubtable (due to public demonstrations with guns and knives to test the power, which left everyone believing).
The Sadej Mae Yua Mueang has received much success and interest not only within Thailands borders, but also in Foreign Shores, especially in India, Malaysia and Singapore.

It is a magical talisman/charm which uses Saiyasart (Thai and Khmer Sorcery) of the Metta Mahaniyom, Maha Sanaeh, Dondjidt Donjai variety, which is extremely effective for both social and professional success and popularity, as well as a potent love charm or attraction talisman for improving ones love life and increasing lovers and admirers. It is also good for oratory skills so people such as politicians, advisors, consultants, salespersons, market stall holders, teachers and the like will benefit greatly from this kind of magic.
Prevention of magical attacks is also a powerful ability which this amulet possesses, evil eye, love spells, and other harmful magic will be pushed away, and eveil entities will not be able to approach because of the aura of Metta radiating from the amulet, as well as the potent sacred magical herbs, oils and other elements contained in the amulet having a powerful effect, not only magically but also on the level of pheromones, and aromatics of this amulet which is soaked in sacred Pla Payoon (Dugong) oil.

Sadej Mae Yua Mueang is one of Ajarn Hmoms more imaginative and artistic creation, of Maha Sanaeh charm. Sadej Mae Yua Mueang is in fact the Hindu Deity Kali in the Mudra of Sexual intercourse. But Ajarn Hmom says 'Do not think of dirty things when you see this amulets design, because all animals and Humans in this World were born from these Two Deities who are intertwined in this amulet, namely the Yoni (female organ) and four Siwalingk (Shiva Lingam), with Kali in consummation poise. This is known as see rum hneung (4+1).

The four Deities who are also on the front face are offering the Shiva Lingams to Mae Yua (Kali). Kali is standing on the central Lingam making Bucha to Shiva. This imagery is an emanation of pure and total Metta.

Maha Yant Glab

On the rear face, is the Maha Yant Glab (Reverse Yantra), which is full of Puttakun and Metta; Whoever may be angry with you will return to being friendly, people who planned ill against you will want to help you instead. Enemies become Friends, The power extends so far that it is extremely effective for salesmanship, and will make customers be very friendly and polite and generous. This is the double emanation of Metta power which Ajarn Hmom

This amulet is currently being used by many succssful Artists, Actors, Singers, Musicians, presenters, for it is already extremely renowned for its intensive power of attraction and Metta. Ladies of the Night, and Casanovas will find this also a very powerful instrument of Charm, which in addition protets from black magic (charm them before they charm you).
The amulets were given empowerments and chanting of Kata at Wat Pah Chong Gum, in Sra Gaew.