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See Pherng Metta Balm with King Gecko Deity - increase riches and business - LP Lum

See Pherng Riak Sap  is empowered with the Metta of the Jing Jok Maha Saneh, the Gecko which binds, unites and causes Love to Increase towards one another.

Powerful Metta Mahaniyom and Maha Sanaeh Magic was used to boil and prepare the potion. Luang Por Lum learned to Empower the Tukgae and Jing Jok Geckos with Luang Por Kreun, and sat together empowering them many times together.

There is no Samnak or temple more famous or successful with its devotees for the Jing Jok and Tukgae amulets, than the Samnak of the LP Kreun lineage. Luang Por Hlam is cirrently perhaps the most famous maker of Gecko charms in the Sangha and whose Tukgae and Jing Jok Geckos have recieved great success and a large following of devotees.

Kata Bucha See Pherng
Puttang Aaraatanaanang
Tammang Aaratanaanang
Sangkang Aaraatanaanang

 Then focus and pray for your whatever it is your wishes are, as strongly as possible.
You can carry the See Pherng or place on a small 'Pan' (a golden or silver colored tray for offerings or placing sacred objects) and keep it on the altar, and pay Bucha to the Tukgae soaking in the balm. You can also smear the balm on your forehead, or under your chin for good selling. More recommendable is to keep it on an altar or in the place of business on a suitable raised place in reverence, and ask it to help call customers or whatever your needs are.
Always remember to chant to the Triple Gem first before chanting any other Kata for Amulets.

See Pherng Riak Sap (metta balm to attract treasures) - Fang Tukgae Aathan (Enchanted Lizard charm inserted) - Luang Por Lum - Wat Samakee Dhamma

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