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Bia gae wealth amulet for money attraction - LP Kasem

Bia Gae LP Kasem
Lp Kasem needs little introduction as one of Thailands Great Master Monks of this Century, and his amulets are legendary for both their beauty and their power, as well as the fact that they are not too expensive to afford, and are reachable by the majority of devotees and collectors due to their price accessibility.
Bia Gae is the perfect amulet for great salesmanship and protection on the road. This amulet is perfect for travelling salesman or freelance sales persons, as well as for Corporate Businessmen to carry on their Business travels.
This Bia Gae has three Tagruds inserted into the base, which is filled with Pong Puttakun and other sacred powders. The amulet has a piece of LP kasems robe attached to it, which makes this a very sacred amulet indeed for those who revere Lp Kasem.

Bia Gae amulet LP Kasem
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