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Khun Chang Maha Seti -LP Sompong

Khun Chang Maha Seti (Khun Chang multi millionaire from the Khun Phaen legends).by Luang Por Sompong, of Wat Mai Pinklao, Nakorn Pathom. This amulet is aimed at increasing wealth and fortune immensely, as is represented by Khun Chang, who was a Multi Millionaire.

The rear face has large Tagrud spell inserted, sacred inscriptions in Khom lettering, and some pong aathan magical powders sprinkled over the amulet for increased attraction and money magnetism.This is an unusual and beautiful amulet, which has the feel of a hand made amulet to it when held in the hand. The rear face is curved not flat, which makes the amulet look bent id looked at from the side.
Khun Chang Maha Seti

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