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See Pherng Sariga Maha Sanaeh

See Pherng Sariga Maha Sanaeh -Run Hluea Kin Hluea Chai (overflowing with posessions)

LP Hluea Bpalito หลวงปุ่เหลือ ปลิโต - Wat Ta Mai Hnuea, Pichai, Uttaradit

Sariga Koo (heavenly love birds, to attract the attention of opposite sex and to make all people act in your favour), and Pla Tapian Koo (Fish Deities in gold and silver to attracะ wealth both in business and in growing savings).

This Metta Balm is called 'See Pherng' (beeswax lipgloss) because it is stored in a lip gloss casing and also can be used to smear on yout lips (we dont really advise this though).

You can just carry this or you can smear a little on the person you wish to charm. You can smear it on yourself too for Metta mahaniyon, but if it is to be used as a love charm then it should be smeared on the person (or clothes or personal belongings) of the person desired.

Love and Fortune Metta Balm

See Pherng Sariga Plra Tapian Koo is made by Hlwong Phu Hluea

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