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Takrut To Sataan - Protection from Black Magic amulet - Luang Por Luk

This amulet by Luang Por Luk of Wat Sutawat Vipassana is for Sirimongkol (Auspicious blessings), Choke Laap (good luck and fortune), Klaew Klaad (evade danger), Kong Grapan (invincibility protection), Pongan Phuudt Phii Montr Dam (protect from  demons, Ghosts and Black magic spells).

Kata Takrut To Satan
Think of and give respects to the Buddha Dhamma and Sangha first, Mother and Father and your Guru teachers. Chant in the morning to call for Luck and Fortune (Choke Laap) and in the Evening to prevent Dangers and Black Magic)

Then chant;
Namo Puttaaya Na Ma Pa Ta Ja Pa Ga Sa Na Ma A U Putto Arahang 

Luang Por Luk is seen incredibly often on almost all Major Puttapisek empowerment Ceremonies in sadditon to those he makes fir his own amulet creations. he is responsible for making one of the Modern Eras most important New Era Luang Phu Tuad amulet editions, which was empowered by monks who entered the ocean where LP Tuad is supposed to have turned seawater into freshwater by wading, and asking for the Power of Luang Por Tuad to enter the amulets and protect the wearers.

These Takrut from LP Luck to increase Luck and fend off Black Magic attacks, are yet another immensely important and powerful Buddhist amulet which in future generations will most certainly be regarded as a classic in itself.

Takrut To Sataan for Luck and Protection from danger and Black Magic - Luang Por Raks - Wat Sutawat Vipassana - casing included

Luang Por Koon with LP Raks
With Luang Por Koon
LP Hongs bestows Wicha upon LP Raks
LP Hongs bestows Wicha upon LP Raks
Luang Por Pian with Luang Por Raks

Luang Por Pian with Luang Por Raks
Luang Phu Tin of Wat Sai Khaw blessed LP Raks

LP Tim (Wat Sai Khaw) bestows Wicha to LP Raks
LP Ruay (Wat Tako) with LP Raks

LP Ruay (Wat Tako)
Kroo ba noi and Luang Por Rak

Kroo Ba Noi adds his Blessing and acceptance
Luang Por Raks - Wat Sutawat Vipassana

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