Thailand Amulets 泰国佛牌

Khmer style Ngang Deva with Naga Crown Maha Saneh charm - Ajarn Pornsit

Pra Chai/Pra Seesaleng Ngeng (Pra Ngang) - Nuea Pong Chup Wan Sanaeh Jantr 1 Takrut Maha Saneh - Pra Ajarn Pornsit - Wat Sawang Arom (Chiang Mai)

This Pra See Saleng Ngeng (Pra Ngang), or, sometimes called 'Pra Chai' amulet was Blessed By Pra Ajarn Pornsit on Mutiple Occasions, during both a Lunar Eclipse and a Solar Eclipse, and on the Last Day of Wai Kroo ceremony. The Pra Chai Pra Seealeng Ngeng is a powerful and easy to use Magical amulet, renowned for both Metta Mahaniyom/Maha Sanaeh, and its Kong Grapan/Klaew Klaad Powers. You can pray for a multitude of things, depending on your wishes.

The rear face is covered with Ancient Magical Incantations in 'Aksorn Tam' (Lanna Magical Scripture). A Takrut Spell is inserted.

Size; 5.5 Cm x 3.5 Cm including the Waterproof Casing.

The Muan sarn used for the Sacred Powders has a number of extremely rare and powerful ingredients such as Pong Wan Saneh Jantr Daeng (red moon charm flower). One Takrut with Maha Sanaeh spell is inserted. The Image of Pra See saleng Ngeng on the front face is very Khmer in its artistic interpretation with a very Brahman/Hindu flavor to it. The Deva has a seven headed Naga above its head as a Crown.

Pra Ajarn Pornsit is a Sorceror Monk who lives in a simple hut in the forest whenever possible and in solitude, he learned Magical Wicha from a young age from his Father, including many truly powerful Wicha from the Khmer such as the 'Wicha Haay Dtua' (disappearing spell), Wicha Hanuman, Wicha Paya Suea Krong and the Takrut Gan Phii, Takrut Bai Po 100 Wat, Wicha Tam Tian, Pra Ngang..

Comes with transparent Waterproof Casing Included